Core values of Campuskonekt.






What is Konekt?



*Konekt* ┬ánot “konnect” or “connect” or “konect” is our own term which simply means

1. signing up on CampusKonekt as user. In that case, You can say You are #Konekted.


2. Subscribing or building a relationship with People You meet on the platform Whom You like or share similar interests with. That You can say, I am konekted to Nelson or whoever the person is.


The second is Build






How do we really enable People to build limitless networks like we claim?


Imagine a chain for example just like in our logo. It can always be extended once You have the materials. So in Other Words, when you keep konekting and konekting, You increase your network of friends, mates, fans and admirers. But then our goal is for you guys to actually interact like People Who are really konekted. We will try as much as possible to make it feel like You were actually with these People physically and that the number of konektions You make depends on you.


The Last one is Share


What can you share on CampusKonekt ?


Our aim is to create a platform where You can share anything you are working on as a student, it could be your pictures or write up about your projects, it could be your fashion, it could be your music if you are an upcoming artist, it could be video tutorials or anything at all so far it can be represented in Form of pictures, text, videos,audio.

source for anything You need as a student, it could be your study materials, People to answer or aid You in your assignments, share news or latest with your mates in the hub or in the private chat and so on.


So what ever skills You have or talents or business, You can share and showcase on CampusKonekt.


The central idea and the short story behind CampusKonekt is that


CampusKonekt is a platform that enables students konekt with, and grow each other.*

Nothing is more important in the life of a student as the networks the person is able to build. So with that, we at CampusKonekt help in building limitless networks.